Monaco Ocean Week: from 8 to 14 April 2018, the Principality of Monaco will, once again, actively support ocean conservation

The Principality of Monaco’s commitment to marine ecosystem conservation is deeply rooted in its history with the inauguration of the Institute of Oceanography by Prince Albert I of Monaco in 1911, and more recently, with the creation of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation in 2006.

The aim to raise awareness of environmental dangers to our planet, and especially our oceans, is once again a priority on the second edition of the Monaco Ocean Week agenda. The network now includes:

The Monaco Blue Initiative (MBI), 8 and 9 April in Edinburgh (Scotland), with 3 main themes:

  • synergies between aquaculture and Marine Protected Areas;
  • the relation between Marine Protected Areas and climate change;
  • new blue economy perspectives in the northern seas.

The Monaco Ocean Week, 9 to 14 April, Monaco

The Monaco Ocean Week, in partnership with Rolex, will provide the perfect opportunity for local actors and Monaco-based international organisations to share their experiences and reflect on marine conservation and “blue” economy sustainable development.

A week of information sharing, analysis and raising awareness to improve our understanding of future stakes

As part of the Monaco Blue Initiative, a multitude of events and conferences/debates will be held throughout the Principality of Monaco and in Edinburgh on the 8 and 9 April. The events will bring together local and international experts, the scientific community, the voluntary sector and public authorities.

In Monaco, conferences, workshops, symposiums, seminars, award ceremonies, exhibitions, documentary film screenings and public awareness workshops will be held in the Principality, in places such as the Oceanographic Museum, the Science Centre, the Monaco Yacht Club and Stars’N’Bars.

Some of the events will be open to the public (biohut presentation in Monaco ports, fun workshops to educate children about Oceans plastic pollution, Coral exhibition inauguration in the Principality of Monaco…) with the aim of raising public awareness by explaining the challenges we all face in preserving oceans.

The Monaco Ocean Week’s agenda includes a lot of various topics such as : benthic microalgae bloom monitoring and management, monk seal conservation, fight against plastic pollution, attraction of environmental funds for Marine Protected Area conservation and the need to encourage sustainable consumption of seafood products.