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Scheduled from 22 to 28 march 2021, this unifying event organised by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Monaco Institute of Oceanography, the Monaco Science Centre and the Monaco Yacht Club with the support of the Prince’s Government.


12th edition of the Monaco Blue Initiative

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10:00-11:30 “The role of international negotiations for better ocean governance”

14:00 – 15:30 “How to integrate Ocean issues and SDGs (in particular SDG14) into companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy?”

16:00 – 17:30 “From blue economy to blue finance: what role does the financial sector need to play in managing risks related to biodiversity loss and financing the sustainable blue economy?”

| Partner organisations | Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, Institut océanographique

Hybride , In English , Private - Invitation only

Sustainable Fashion Virtual Museum by Runa Ray

Runa Ray is an Indian born Fashion environmentalist and interdisciplinary designer who uses Fashion as activism to educate and advocate for policy change.

Her work centers around the Sustainable development goals and their intersection with Fashion and Climate change. She has been involved in creative projects with the United Nations, science based organizations and non profits to help sensibilize to the threat of climate change. She is also a CEC member of the IUCN

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In Partnership with the Monaco Ocean week and the Prince Albert Foundation, she has created a website and Virtual Museum that concentrates on the effects of Fashion on Marine Protected Areas.

The website explains how fashion can be damaging to the planet and how as individuals, we help mitigate that.

From a designers perspective, Runa Ray has also offered solutions to the pressing challenges of micro plastics, textile dyes, ghost fishing nets and invasive species. All of which directly or indirectly affect the oceans and Marine Protected Areas.

The virtual museum will help you navigate through the realm of using Fashion as Activism to help educate and advocate for policy change.

You will see unique pieces of clothing and their methods of construction, from nature based solutions of using cyanobacteria to eliminate plastics to ancient indigenous arts of water painting to print dresses using only a trough filled with water.

The museum will also give you insights on zero stitch clothes using only origami as well as that of Activism with a message.

Most designs revolve around a circular loop of construction and zero waste techniques by using nature to give back to nature.

Runa Ray hopes to mobilize communities in partnership with the Monaco Ocean Week to bring to light the effects of Climate change on our Oceans, as well as provide solutions for Climate Action.

| Partner organisations | Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation – Runa RAY

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Signature of a partnership agreement between the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Sancta Devota Foundation

| Partner organisations | Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Sancta Devota Foundation

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Research Unit on the Precious Corals biology CSM – Chanel

The Research Unit on the Biology of Precious Corals created by the Scientific Centre of Monaco and Chanel aims to develop fundamental research programs to better understand some key processes in the life of Mediterranean red coral with the aim of protecting this species. A follow-up steering committee meeting for this program, chaired by HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover, is being organized this Tuesday.

| Partner organisations | Centre Scientifique de Monaco, Chanel

Face to face , In French , Private

Renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding between the International Hydrographic Organization and the Mediterranean Science Commission

| Partner orgnisations | CIESM, IHO

Hybride , In English , Public

Investing for a sustainable blue economy

The session will showcase how private investors can engage with the emerging technologies, business models, and investment products to deploy capital for the ocean economy. Topics will include the landscape of investment and industry sectors, pioneering commercial solutions to address ocean economy challenges, innovative financing structures (blue bonds, conservation finance), and ocean investing as part of the climate solution.

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The session is hosted by Impact Agora, the institutional marketplace for impact investing, who are spotlighting opportunities related to SDG14 in support of Monaco Ocean Week.

The discussion will start with a keynote from Olivier Wenden, CEO of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, who will frame the challenge and opportunity of financing the ocean economy. Thereafter, our panel, facilitated by Damian Payiatakis of Barclays Private Bank, will include, Jamie Rowles, Investment Manager from Sky Ocean Ventures, Dr Nathalie Hilmi, Head of Environmental Economics at Centre Scientifique de Monaco, James Willis, Director of Research at Planet Tracker, and Inna Braverman, Co-Founder of Eco Wave Power.

| Partner organisations | Barclays, Impact Agora, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Bilingual French / English , Public event , Virtual

Artificial reefs created with a 3D printer: innovative research tools for biodiversity

| Partner organisations | FPA2, Gouvernement Princier Université Côte d’Azur, MNHN, Thalassa, PlanBlue, Boskalis, D- Shape


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Discovering the sounds under the Ocean: the FAQ!

Why and how should we listen to the Ocean? What can we hear under the water? Are fish silent or are they in reality chatterboxes? Do sounds derived from human activities have an impact on marine wildlife?

We are inviting students aged between 8 and 15 to send us all the questions they have on “the silent world” using this form and their questions will be answered in a live video!

| Partner organisations | Institut de la Mer de Villefranche-Culture Ocean, CHORUS acoustics

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| Partner organisations | Beyond Plastic Med, Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, IUCN, Tara Océan Fondation, Fondation MAVA, Surfrider Foundation Europe


Bilingual French / English , Private , Virtual

Tel Aviv University and Phoenix H2O

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14.00-14.45 pm : SOLUTUM Alternative materials to plastic, water degradable.

15.00-15.45 pm : Phoenix H2O – NANOCAPTIS Presentation made at the Human Health & The Ocean symposium in December 2020.

A washing machine filter for plastic nano particles.

| Partner organisations | Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Tel Aviv University, Solutum, Phoenix H2O

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“A desirable Ocean”
Make the Ocean attractive again, by showing that the Ocean can contribute towards a better future for Humankind, provided we respect it functioning and its limits.

| Partner organisations | Oceanographic Institute

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AMAO scoping workshop: “Ocean Change and Ocean-Based Solutions”

Scoping workshop to define new priorities for the Association Monégasque sur l’Acidification des Océans (AMAO) to include additional stress factors (acidification, warming and loss of oxygen), as well as potential ocean-based solutions.

| Partner organisations | AMAO, IAEA, Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche, CSM

In English , Private , Virtual

General Assembly

| Partner organisations | Beyond Plastic Med, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, IUCN, Tara Ocean Foundation, MAVA Foundation, Surfrider Foundation Europe

Hybride , In French , Private

Meeting of signatories and partners of the Because the Ocean Initiative

As part of preparations for UNFCCC COP26, the Prince Albert II Foundation is inviting countries who joined the Because the Ocean Initiative since UNFCCC COP21 (2015) to a dialogue on the next step to reinforce the ocean-climate nexus.

| Partner organisations | Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Because the Ocean Secretariat

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The Global Fund for Coral Reefs

GFCR is a joint funding mechanism which will use public and philanthropic funds to catalyse private investment in the conservation and restoration of coral reefs.

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Initiated in 2018 at a workshop organised by the Principality of Monaco, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, GFCR has since become a global partnership which includes Member States (Germany), philanthropic organisations (the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation), United Nations agencies (UNDP, UNEP and UNCDF) and BNP Paribas.

| Partner organisations | Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Capital Development Fund, Government of Germany (BMZ), BNP Paribas

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The fight against plastic pollution in international, European and comparative law

“Creating an inventory of existing legal instruments, current developments and solutions available in regard to combatting ocean pollution from plastic waste”

| Partner organisations | CNRS, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Centre d’études et recherches internationales (CERIC), UMR DICE 7318, student association Aix-Marseille Environnement

Bilingual French / English , Public event , Virtual

BEMED – The Mediterranean, a sea of plastic: what field solutions are available?

By presenting the conclusions of its latest report “The Mediterranean : Mare Plasticum”, the IUCN will give an overview of the latest figures showing the severity of plastic pollution in the Mediterranean. These findings will be shared with all the stakeholders involved in the BeMed network. The 2020 winners will then present the solutions they are implementing to combat this scourge.

| Partner organisations | Beyond Plastic Med, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, IUCN, Tara Ocean Foundation, MAVA Foundation, Surfrider Foundation Europe

Bilingual French / English , Hybride , Public

Seaweed: the hidden champion of the ocean

This session will cast light on the potential of seaweed as a truly regenerative ocean-based industry, that can contribute to restoring ocean health while creating jobs and supplying healthy food and animal feed, providing biodegradable packaging, molecules for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and a myriad of other applications. This session will present the benefits of seaweed, before exploring the views from chefs, investment, political, scientific and civil society leaders about this unique and yet untapped opportunity.

| Organisations partenaires | Monaco Oceanographic Museum, Seaweed for Europe, UN Global Compact and Safe Seaweed Coalition, Fynd Ocean Ventures, DG MARE, Oceans 2050,

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Monk Seal Alliance : governance and strategic plan

MSA’s key objective is to support and coordinate conservation efforts for one of the most endangered species in the world, with a total population estimated at under 800 individuals: the Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus).

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In 2020, the Monk Seal Alliance launched its first two calls for projects and confirmed its support for 8 projects in the Mediterranean and Atlantic. In total, over 2.7 million Euros has been invested.

The aim of the meeting organised as part of Monaco Ocean Week 2021 is to define MSA’s strategy and action plan for the years ahead.

| Partner organisations | MAVA Foundation, Thalassa Foundation, Segré Foundation, Sancta Devota Foundation and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Bilingual French / English , Hybride , Private

Press conference: announcement of BeMed 2021 winners

With the health crisis, single-use plastic has made a big come back. Presented as a vital ally in fighting the propagation of the virus we should nonetheless remember that plastic pollution is a major scourge threatening the health of our ocean… To continue to take action and prevent the intensification of an already serious issue, BeMed has renewed its call for micro-initiatives and is unveiling the new winners.

| Partner organisations | Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, IUCN, Tara Ocean Foundation, MAVA Foundation, Surfrider Foundation Europe

Bilingual French / English , Hybride , Public

Kelp.Blue: pioneer entrepreneurs making large scale kelp farming a reality

Kelp Blue will present the company’s vision to mitigate climate change by cultivating kelp forest at scale. Followed short showcases from other entrepreneurs who are capitalizing on the power of seaweed to improve the planet. NotPla, who’s aim is to make plastic disappear by using seaweed as input material, Algiknit, a clean green textile company developing seaweed textiles and Huiberts, a bulb grower who swears by the power of seaweed biostimulants .

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To ensure the solutions deployed in the field are successful, municipality support is essential. Thanks to the support of Mrs Alexandra VALETTA-ARDISSON, MP for the Alpes Maritimes, the Greater Nice area, Menton City Council, and the Cannes-Kelp.Blue will present the company’s vision to becoming a nature based solution, where revenues does not come at the expense of the environment during 10 minutes, followed by a 20 min Q&A

| Partner organisations | Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, IUCN, Tara Ocean Foundation, MAVA Foundation, Surfrider Foundation Europe

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There is much discussion on climate change and the vulnerability of ecosystems, but COP 25 proved that policymakers are not the most active. Civil society and the private sector need to be involved. To do so ,the financial sector has a key role to play to raise and appropriately distribute the funds necessary to save our planet.

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Our event consists of a two-part webinar. The first will be in English featuring international experts on sustainable blue finance and the second in French will focus on the blue/green economy in Africa with speakers specialised in the African continent. Nathalie Hilmi (CSM) will moderate the first part and Patricia Cressot (Rosemont international) will moderate the second.

| Partner organisations | Monaco Scientific Centre, Rosemont International et Sowl Initiative

Part 1 GB/Part 2 FR , Public , Virtual

Colombia’s contributions on blue challenges

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The event seeks to present the contributions of Colombia on:

  • Achieving the Aichi Target 11 (Convention on Biological Diversity)
  • Assessing environmental changes to the ocean and their ecosystems, including chemical and plastic pollution, rising sea levels and changes to ocean acidification;

Comprising mobilization actions and recommendations to protect and restore coral reef and blue carbon (mangroves and seagrasses) ecosystems.

| Partner organisations | Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia, INVEMAR, National Natural Parks of Colombia, IAEA – Monaco, Scientific Center of Monaco

Bilingual Spanish/English , Public , Virtual

Future Priorities for Addressing Ocean Acidification in the Mediterranean: from Research to Policy

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Despite long-standing research programmes and major efforts to increase awareness in the Mediterranean region, policies and mitigation efforts that are specifically targeted at ocean acidification are still thin on the ground. Following an overview of the status of OA science in the Med region, this webinar will examine the reasons behind the policy gap, what actions can realistically be called for at national and regional level and the opportunities the current enhanced global focus on climate change could bring.

| Partner organisations | FPA2, IAEA, GOA-ON, IUCN et OA Med-Hub

Bilingual French / English , Public , Virtual

Official launch of the MedFund/ MedPAN joint project entitled: Build back a blue and stronger Mediterranean

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As part of the preparation stage for a new GEF project, MedFund, MedPAN and CI-GEF are hosting an international meeting with the participation of representatives of the 6 partner countries together with all the technical and financial partners including the CEO of GEF in order to strengthen and intensify our actionin the Mediterranean for the benefit of marine protected areas.

| Partner organisations | MedFund, MedPan, GEF

Bilingual French / English , Private , Virtual

BeMed winners Meeting

Experience sharing between winners of the 2020 call for micro-initiatives and winners of the call for projects in the Mediterranean islands. Through this meeting, BeMed is keen to facilitate and intensify ongoing projects.

| Partner organisations | Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, IUCN, Tara Ocean Foundation, MAVA Foundation, Surfrider Foundation Europe

Bilingual French / English , Hybride , Private

Upcycling : Turning Trash Into Treasure

In explaining the logistics of the ‘waste hierarchy’ system, TAF – The Animal Fund aims to inform the public about the complexities of waste management, especially that of plastic.

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The presentation’s core focus will present the concept of “upcycling” as an entrepreneurial, innovative and creative approach to tackling waste management discrepancies.

In particular, ‘upcycling’ will be exemplified in the aspiration to stimulate creative changes amongst the general public. Upcycling items will be presented to show what each individual easily can create!

| Partner organisations | TAF, R4 Clothing

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2nd Meeting of the Monaco Commission on Human Health and Ocean Pollution

On the occasion of Monaco Ocean Week 2019, the Monaco Commission on Human Health and Ocean Pollution was created. This commission has produced a Report on Ocean Pollution and Human Health, released in December 2020 in Monaco and published in the journal Annals of Global Health. The commission meets again to discuss the follow-up to this work, to study the scientific news on this topic and to evoke tracks of future works.

| Partner organisations | Monaco Scientific Centre, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Bilingual French / English , Hybride , Private

Energy transition and impact on resources: two reconcilable goals?

How to implement a responsible energy transition. Know and understand the repercussions of energy solutions on resources, to reduce them and implement a transition as sustainable as possible. Reflect on usage to promote energy moderation.

| Partner organisations | Energy Transition Mission, Monaco Yacht Club

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Ways out of the plastic crisis

Plastic engulfing our environment – this is one of the most visible and most serious ecological problems in today’s world with detrimental effects also for human health and climate.

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The German Ocean Foundation is part of a national NGO movement, where civil society actors have come together in an alliance to resolve the plastic crisis holistically and formulated 15 de-mands for the German government to act on. See what we have reached already and how we can learn from each other. Find out more about our demands:

Experience report und discussion: National NGO alliances promoting ways out of the plastic crisis – chances and challenges.

| Partner organisations | German Ocean Foundation, German Marine Litter Association (Bundesverband Meeresmüll e.V.)

In English , Public , Virtual

Presentation of the report « Ocean Pollution and Human Health »

The Monaco Commission on Human Health and Ocean Pollution has produced a scientific report on Ocean Pollution and Human Health. This scientific report, coordinated by the Scientific Center of Monaco and Boston College, is the result of the collaboration of 44 authors from 18 different countries, who have brought together the results of research carried out in these areas over the past few years and presented them in an original way in a single book. This report highlights the impacts on human health of each type of pollutant, whether of chemical or organic origin, but also the possible solutions to limit ocean pollution. the conclusions of this report will be presented during this event.

| Partner organisations | Monaco Scientific Centre, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Bilingual French / English , Hybride , Public event

Sustainable Ocean Alliance’s presents Youth Policy Advisory Council: Voices For The Future Of Our Ocean

SOA’s Youth Policy Advisory Council, YPAC, speaks to the policy campaigns driving impact on our ocean. The 30 minute presentation will focus on two primary policy areas, Deep Seabed Mining and the Blue New Deal, and what is needed to make measureable impact on our ocean to meet the standards as set forth by the UN mandate of 30 x 30.

| Partner organisations | Sustainable Ocean Alliance

In English , Public event , Virtual

Environmental symposium “La Belle Classe” Superyachts

 General theme:
‘New energy sources and carbon emissions: Yachting looks to its future’

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10.00am: ‘Overview of hydrogen development: a solution at the service Yachting?’ by Jérémie Lagarrigue, CEO of EODev

10.30am: ‘Presentation on an expedition and its laboratory vessel’ by Victorien Erussard, President, captain and founder of Energy Observer

11.00am: Talk by Mike Horn on equipping his sailing expedition boat Pangaea with hydrogen technology

11.30am: ‘Measuring the impact of superyachts to reduce their emissions’ (SEA Index and YETI tool) 5.00pm: Talk by journalist and documentary director Guillaume Pitron On the theme: ‘Electric propulsion, Greentech and rare metals: which energy transition for Yachting?’

Private event by invitation & registration RSVP:

| Partner organisations | Monaco Yacht Club

Bilingual French / English , Hybride , Private - Invitation only

International Coral Reef Initiative

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  • Setting the scene – (preliminary) results of the 2021 Status of Coral Reefs of the World Report
  • Coral reef restoration to improve ecosystem services
  • The World Coral Conservatory (WCC): A Noah’s ark for corals to support survival of reef ecosystems
  • The importance of considering coral reefs at the international level
  • Round table with the panellists
  • Conclusion – the future of coral reefs

| Partner organisations | ICRI

Bilingual French / English , Public event , Virtual

Bringing Mediterranean islands together to stop plastic pollution through the BeMed initiative

BeMed supports island based projects to fight against marine plastic litter.

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This event will introduce key aspects of those projects and synergies will be sought with other relatedregional initiatives and other participants. The session is organised by the CapiMed-Islandproject, led by SCP/RAC and SMILO, aiming at capitalising on the results of the projects in theislands, supported by BeMed to achieve a long-term impact in reducing plastic pollution at sea.

| Partner organisations | SMILO / SCP/RAC and BeMed

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A New Wave of Ocean Leadership: Promoting Innovative and Inclusive Leadership to Save The Ocean

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Achieving a truly transformative Ocean Decade requires us to think like a team, championing leadership across all levels and generations. Bringing together diverse people and perspectives, empowering local leaders, championing young people and amplifying marginalized voices will be critical to deliver sustainable seas. This session will explore ways to widen perceptions and opportunities around ocean leadership with inclusive, novel and progressive action.

| Partner organisations | Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Edinburgh Ocean Leaders Programme, Edinburgh University, Surfers Against Sewage, Blue Ventures, Planet Indonesia, Relato Oceano

In English , Public , Virtual

Press conference Mission Sphyrna Odyssey 2019-2020

The Sphyrna Odyssey Mission, initiated by Sea Proven, Marine & Océans Magazine and the Laboratoire d’informatique et systèmes(LIS) of the University of Toulon, was completed in March 2020 in Monaco.

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Launched in September 2019 with the main support of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Société des Explorations de Monaco and ACCOBAMS, it mobilised scientists, engineers, logisticians and communicators, for the first oceanographic mission ever conducted in France from autonomous vessels. The two NLAs (autonomous laboratory vessels©) designed and developed by Sea Proven, to date the largest of their kind in the world, were equipped with numerous sensors as well as highly sensitive hydrophones capable of recording cetacean sounds at depths of up to 2,000 metres. Powered by an electric motor powered by solar, wind and hydrocarbon energy, with a carrying capacity of more than one tonne of equipment, the Sphyrna 55 (17 metres) and Sphyrna 70 (21 metres) validated their adaptability to these complex underwater bioacoustic missions, and their resistance to the difficult winter conditions encountered in the western Mediterranean.

The Monaco Ocean Week will be the occasion for Professor Hervé Glotin, acoustician, professor at the University of Toulon and the Institut Universitaire de France, scientific director of the Sphyrna Odyssey Mission, to present the conclusions of the Mission’s scientific report alongside his partners and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

| Partner organisations | Sea Proven, Marine & Océans Magazine, Laboratoire d’informatique et systèmes(LIS) of the University of Toulon, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Société des Explorations de Monaco, ACCOBAMS

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The Latin America and the Caribbean Research Network – REMARCO, a cooperation strategy to facilitate decision-making in the face of common challenges and vulnerabilities in marine and coastal environments.

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The event seeks to show the cooperation actions between 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to address environmental problems of marine-coastal ecosystems on four fronts of action: chemical pollution, microplastic pollution, harmful algal blooms and ocean acidification.

| Partner organisations | Members of Remarco

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Documentary “Encounters in the Arctic” by Cristiana Bontemps

On the occasion of the Monaco Ocean Week, and in connection with the Festival de la Francophonie, the Embassy of Monaco in Washington and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation are pleased to present “Encounters in the Arctic”, an exceptional documentary following the footsteps of filmmaker Cristiana Bontemps during her 10 expeditions – between 2014 and 2019. Discover the Arctic and its inhabitants: the polar bears.

| Partner organisations | Embassy of Monaco in Washington, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Festival de la Francophonie

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Which knowledge for which sustainable ocean governance?

The ocean is currently under increasing pressure from human activities, affecting the services it provides us (climate, energy, food and culture). The current fragmentation of decision-making structures dealing with the ocean, whether sectoral, regional, state or United Nations, sometimes slows down effective policymaking. Proposals for improving ocean governance have emerged recently; it is crucial to address these issues to ensure the health of the ocean, for present and future generations.

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Two 1 hour sessions:

  • Session 1Ocean visions and governance frameworks
  • Session 2From global visions to action

| Partner organisations | Ocean & Climate Platform, Scientific Centre of Monaco, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, CNRS, IFREMER, IRD, Government of Monaco

In English , Public , Virtual

Talk by Boris Herrmann

The German sailor Boris Herrmann, representing the Principality of Monaco, will be reporting back on his first Vendée Globe, solo non-stop round the world without assistance race, and will present the data collected by the laboratory installed on board to measure CO2 emissions.

Open to all, in-person or remotely, pre-registration required

Hybride , In French , Public