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2nd Meeting of the Monaco Commission on Human Health and Ocean Pollution

On the occasion of Monaco Ocean Week 2019, the Monaco Commission on Human Health and Ocean Pollution was created. This commission has produced a Report on Ocean Pollution and Human Health, released in December 2020 in Monaco and published in the journal Annals of Global Health. The commission meets again to discuss the follow-up to this work, to study the scientific news on this topic and to evoke tracks of future works.

| Partner organisations | Monaco Scientific Centre, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

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The Global Fund for Coral Reefs

GFCR is a joint funding mechanism which will use public and philanthropic funds to catalyse private investment in the conservation and restoration of coral reefs.

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Initiated in 2018 at a workshop organised by the Principality of Monaco, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, GFCR has since become a global partnership which includes Member States (Germany), philanthropic organisations (the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation), United Nations agencies (UNDP, UNEP and UNCDF) and BNP Paribas.

| Partner organisations | Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Capital Development Fund, Government of Germany (BMZ), BNP Paribas

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Talk by Boris Herrmann

The German sailor Boris Herrmann, representing the Principality of Monaco, will be reporting back on his first Vendée Globe, solo non-stop round the world without assistance race, and will present the data collected by the laboratory installed on board to measure CO2 emissions.

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Upcycling : Turning Trash Into Treasure

In explaining the logistics of the ‘waste hierarchy’ system, TAF – The Animal Fund aims to inform the public about the complexities of waste management, especially that of plastic.

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The presentation’s core focus will present the concept of “upcycling” as an entrepreneurial, innovative and creative approach to tackling waste management discrepancies.

In particular, ‘upcycling’ will be exemplified in the aspiration to stimulate creative changes amongst the general public. Upcycling items will be presented to show what each individual easily can create!

| Partner organisations | TAF, R4 Clothing

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Press conference: announcement of BeMed 2021 winners

With the health crisis, single-use plastic has made a big come back. Presented as a vital ally in fighting the propagation of the virus we should nonetheless remember that plastic pollution is a major scourge threatening the health of our ocean… To continue to take action and prevent the intensification of an already serious issue, BeMed has renewed its call for micro-initiatives and is unveiling the new winners.

| Partner organisations | Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, IUCN, Tara Ocean Foundation, MAVA Foundation, Surfrider Foundation Europe

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Ways out of the plastic crisis

Plastic engulfing our environment – this is one of the most visible and most serious ecological problems in today’s world with detrimental effects also for human health and climate.

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The German Ocean Foundation is part of a national NGO movement, where civil society actors have come together in an alliance to resolve the plastic crisis holistically and formulated 15 de-mands for the German government to act on. See what we have reached already and how we can learn from each other. Find out more about our demands: www.exit-plastik.de

Experience report und discussion: National NGO alliances promoting ways out of the plastic crisis – chances and challenges.

| Partner organisations | German Ocean Foundation, German Marine Litter Association (Bundesverband Meeresmüll e.V.)

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Research Unit on the Precious Corals biology CSM – Chanel

The Research Unit on the Biology of Precious Corals created by the Scientific Centre of Monaco and Chanel aims to develop fundamental research programs to better understand some key processes in the life of Mediterranean red coral with the aim of protecting this species. A follow-up steering committee meeting for this program, chaired by HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover, is being organized this Tuesday.

| Partner organisations | Centre Scientifique de Monaco, Chanel

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Which knowledge for which sustainable ocean governance?

The ocean is currently under increasing pressure from human activities, affecting the services it provides us (climate, energy, food and culture). The current fragmentation of decision-making structures dealing with the ocean, whether sectoral, regional, state or United Nations, sometimes slows down effective policymaking. Proposals for improving ocean governance have emerged recently; it is crucial to address these issues to ensure the health of the ocean, for present and future generations.

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Two 1 hour sessions:

  • Session 1Ocean visions and governance frameworks
  • Session 2From global visions to action

| Partner organisations | Ocean & Climate Platform, Scientific Centre of Monaco, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, CNRS, IFREMER, IRD, Government of Monaco

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Discovering the sounds under the Ocean: the FAQ!

Why and how should we listen to the Ocean? What can we hear under the water? Are fish silent or are they in reality chatterboxes? Do sounds derived from human activities have an impact on marine wildlife?

We are inviting students aged between 8 and 15 to send us all the questions they have on “the silent world” using this form and their questions will be answered in a live video!


| Partner organisations | Institut de la Mer de Villefranche-Culture Ocean, CHORUS acoustics

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12th edition of the Monaco Blue Initiative

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10:00-11:30 “The role of international negotiations for better ocean governance”

14:00 – 15:30 “How to integrate Ocean issues and SDGs (in particular SDG14) into companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy?”

16:00 – 17:30 “From blue economy to blue finance: what role does the financial sector need to play in managing risks related to biodiversity loss and financing the sustainable blue economy?”

| Partner organisations | Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, Institut océanographique

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Artificial reefs created with a 3D printer: innovative research tools for biodiversity

| Partner organisations | FPA2, Gouvernement Princier Université Côte d’Azur, MNHN, Thalassa, PlanBlue, Boskalis, D- Shape


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Energy transition and impact on resources: two reconcilable goals?

How to implement a responsible energy transition. Know and understand the repercussions of energy solutions on resources, to reduce them and implement a transition as sustainable as possible. Reflect on usage to promote energy moderation.

| Partner organisations | Energy Transition Mission, Monaco Yacht Club

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International Coral Reef Initiative

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  • Setting the scene – (preliminary) results of the 2021 Status of Coral Reefs of the World Report
  • Coral reef restoration to improve ecosystem services
  • The World Coral Conservatory (WCC): A Noah’s ark for corals to support survival of reef ecosystems
  • The importance of considering coral reefs at the international level
  • Round table with the panellists
  • Conclusion – the future of coral reefs

| Partner organisations | ICRI

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Bringing Mediterranean islands together to stop plastic pollution through the BeMed initiative

BeMed supports island based projects to fight against marine plastic litter.

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This event will introduce key aspects of those projects and synergies will be sought with other relatedregional initiatives and other participants. The session is organised by the CapiMed-Islandproject, led by SCP/RAC and SMILO, aiming at capitalising on the results of the projects in theislands, supported by BeMed to achieve a long-term impact in reducing plastic pollution at sea.

| Partner organisations | SMILO / SCP/RAC and BeMed

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The fight against plastic pollution in international, European and comparative law

“Creating an inventory of existing legal instruments, current developments and solutions available in regard to combatting ocean pollution from plastic waste”

| Partner organisations | CNRS, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Centre d’études et recherches internationales (CERIC), UMR DICE 7318, student association Aix-Marseille Environnement

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