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Gouvernement Princier - Monaco Ocean WeekFondation Prince Albert II de Monaco - Monaco Ocean WeekInstitut Océanographique de Monaco - Monaco Ocean WeekYacht Club de Monaco - Monaco Ocean Week
Gouvernement Princier - Monaco Ocean WeekFondation Prince Albert II de Monaco - Monaco Ocean WeekInstitut Océanographique de Monaco - Monaco Ocean WeekYacht Club de Monaco - Monaco Ocean Week

The Monaco Ocean Week provides a unique forum for discussions, meetings, experimentation and opportunity.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

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Let’s Be Nice to the ocean

In partnership with the Varda Group, and in association with Dona Bertarelli Philanthropy, TBA21-Academy, the Tara Ocean Foundation, MedPAN, the Ocean BornFoundation and the Ocean-Climate Platform, we are publishing today Let's be Nice to the Ocean: Thinking Outside the Box before the Third UN Ocean Conference.
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The deleterious effects of nanoplastics on corals and their symbiotic algae

Among the global stresses affecting reef-building corals, affecting their health and potentially leading to mass bleaching events, plastic pollution represents a major and growing threat: the amount of plastic waste found in seas and oceans could reach 29 million tons per year by 2040.
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The Ocean Race for Ocean Rights by Johan Strid, The Ocean Race Summits Director

All life on Earth depends on a healthy ocean, but our marine world is in crisis, we’ve seen it firsthand. Since the first edition of The Ocean Race in 1973 teams in our round-the-world competition have sailed through garbage belts, spotted illegal fishing fleets and encountered less and less wildlife as they journey across the planet.
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Plastic material and heating of sea water favor the virulence of pathogenic bacteria

More than 20 million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the seas and oceans every year. This destructive scourge for marine biodiversity is also a proven risk for human health.
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As ocean advocates continue to fight an uphill battle which is taking years to seek the designation of an increasing number of marine protected areas around the world, let alone their proper management, would it be worthwhile to explore another option that would consist in designating marine exploitable areas instead?
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“Because the Ocean” discussing action for the ocean in the run-up to COP26

An online workshop of the Because the Ocean signatories took place on 23rd March 2021, kindly hosted as part of the Monaco Ocean Week.
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IHO and CIESM renew their cooperation

IHO and CIESM have renewed their Scientific Cooperation Agreement for the next 4 years. This will provide a framework for active cooperation between the two intergovernmental organizations dedicated to marine science, based in Monaco.
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Vitality of the Planet and the Ocean can go hand in hand with the vitality of the economy!

Monaco Ocean Week has just started with the 12th Monaco Blue Initiative (MBI) which brought together various stakeholders and decision-makers in the field of sustainable management and conservation of the Ocean, on Monday 22nd March, around the theme of the blue economy.
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BeMed unveils its 2021 awardees

BeMed continues to support, through its call for micro-initiatives, projects that aim to reduce plastic use and find alternatives, improve waste collection, raise awareness, engage stakeholders and help implement regulations.
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Marine waste in the Mediterranean: The importance of mobilising

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the richest natural areas in the world in terms of biodiversity.
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