Thursday 30th March – 10am to 4pm – Stars’N’Bars
Presentation of the selected “fight against plastic pollution micro-initiative” projects – organised by BeMed.

Thursday 30th March – 4.15am to 4.45pm – Stars’N’Bars
Hervé Claustre (LOV-OOV) «Robotic ocean observations within a climate change context: Southern Ocean focus».

Thursday 30th March – 4.45am to 5.15pm – Stars’N’Bars
Jean-Pierre Gattuso (LOV-OOV and AMAO) «Climate change and oceans: consequences and solutions».

Thursday 30th March – 6 to 7pm – Monaco Yacht club
Monaco Solar & Electric Boat Challenge: a race for solar & Electric powered vessels, designed and driven by international university students.

Friday 31th March – 5 to 7pm – Stars’N’Bars
Public awareness campaign «Ocean observation and How the ocean works»

Friday 31th March – 5.45 to 7.30pm – Oceanographic Museum
Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean: current situation overview, perspectives and Monaco Marine Protected Areas.

Saturday 1st April – 10 to 11am – Scientific Centre of Monaco
General public feedback on scientific workshop «How to assess oceans’ blue carbon levels».

Saturday 1st April – 10am to 2pm – Stars’N’Bars
From the sea to our plates: A public awareness event for the sustainable consumption of seafood products.

Saturday 1st April – 5 to 6pm – Stars’N’Bars
Public awareness campaign «Ocean observation and How the ocean works».

Sunday 2nd April – 4 to 4.30pm – Monaco Yacht club
Sandra Bessudo conference, Malpelo Foundation president, «The history and passion of Malpelo».

Monday 3rd April – 3 to 4pm – Stars’N’Bars
« Cetaceans’ Strandings » workshop : help us saving dolphins and whales of Pelagos Sanctuary; come see a stranding scene reconstruction and learn life-saving gestures!

Monday 3rd April – 7 to 9pm – Oceanographic Museum
Public session: the Pelagos Agreement for the creation of a marine mammal sanctuary in the Mediterranean and its 15 years of application.

Tuesday 4th April – 2.15 to 3pm – Monaco Yacht club
Arctic Marine World Heritage launch