Sustainable Fashion Virtual Museum by Runa Ray

Runa Ray is an Indian born Fashion environmentalist and interdisciplinary designer who uses Fashion as activism to educate and advocate for policy change.

Her work centers around the Sustainable development goals and their intersection with Fashion and Climate change. She has been involved in creative projects with the United Nations, science based organizations and non profits to help sensibilize to the threat of climate change. She is also a CEC member of the IUCN

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In Partnership with the Monaco Ocean week and the Prince Albert Foundation, she has created a website and Virtual Museum that concentrates on the effects of Fashion on Marine Protected Areas.

The website explains how fashion can be damaging to the planet and how as individuals, we help mitigate that.

From a designers perspective, Runa Ray has also offered solutions to the pressing challenges of micro plastics, textile dyes, ghost fishing nets and invasive species. All of which directly or indirectly affect the oceans and Marine Protected Areas.

The virtual museum will help you navigate through the realm of using Fashion as Activism to help educate and advocate for policy change.

You will see unique pieces of clothing and their methods of construction, from nature based solutions of using cyanobacteria to eliminate plastics to ancient indigenous arts of water painting to print dresses using only a trough filled with water.

The museum will also give you insights on zero stitch clothes using only origami as well as that of Activism with a message.

Most designs revolve around a circular loop of construction and zero waste techniques by using nature to give back to nature.

Runa Ray hopes to mobilize communities in partnership with the Monaco Ocean Week to bring to light the effects of Climate change on our Oceans, as well as provide solutions for Climate Action.

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