Investing for a sustainable blue economy

The session will showcase how private investors can engage with the emerging technologies, business models, and investment products to deploy capital for the ocean economy. Topics will include the landscape of investment and industry sectors, pioneering commercial solutions to address ocean economy challenges, innovative financing structures (blue bonds, conservation finance), and ocean investing as part of the climate solution.

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The session is hosted by Impact Agora, the institutional marketplace for impact investing, who are spotlighting opportunities related to SDG14 in support of Monaco Ocean Week.

The discussion will start with a keynote from Olivier Wenden, CEO of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, who will frame the challenge and opportunity of financing the ocean economy. Thereafter, our panel, facilitated by Damian Payiatakis of Barclays Private Bank, will include, Jamie Rowles, Investment Manager from Sky Ocean Ventures, Dr Nathalie Hilmi, Head of Environmental Economics at Centre Scientifique de Monaco, James Willis, Director of Research at Planet Tracker, and Inna Braverman, Co-Founder of Eco Wave Power.

| Partner organisations | Barclays, Impact Agora, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

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